American Express, Mastercard or Visa?

In 2010, 48.9 million people claimed ownership of an American Express card. MasterCard claimed almost 300 million cardholders between its’ credit and debit cards in 2010 and the same year, Visa claimed over 600 million cardholders between its’ credit and debit cards. The circulation of credit cards is obviously quite expansive, and in todays’ economy where borrowed money is almost necessary just to make ends meet, you may find yourself browsing for a credit card but lost amidst the too-good-to-be-true offers and outrageously high APR rates. If you’re looking for a middle ground, someone who will sift through the junk and come up with a list of the best credit card options for you, then is the place for you.

The credit card experts at eCreditCards have done the hard work for you and seeded through the scams and bad offers; and provided quality credit cards divided conveniently by card type, company, and attributes. Forget visiting those precarious credit card websites, and throw out those credit card offers you get in the mail; nothing is as easy or trustworthy as looking towards the information provided by the credit card experts at eCreditCards.

The credit card categories included by eCreditCards are student credit cards, rewards credit cards, business credit cards and secured credit cards, among others. The categories may seem foreign to you, and that’s okay, because eCreditCards explains the categories to you, describes the perks of each one, and even provides information about key credit cards from the major credit card companies that fall into each category. eCreditCards makes finding a new credit card so easy, you’ll be wondering why you’ve never visited us before!

Rewards credit cards are quickly growing in popularity, with over 60 percent of credit card holders owning a rewards type credit card. Eighty-four percent of college students own a credit card, and thanks to student credit cards, only two percent of undergraduates have no credit history. All the credit cards offered to you by eCreditCards land on the top ten list of customer satisfaction. All the credit cards are through trusted banks that are major players in the financial industry, and at eCreditCards, we’ve done our job to put you in control of your financial future.

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