The Credit Card Applier’s Guide

In today’s consumer society, the enormous wealth of credit card options can be overwhelming. Whether you’re choosing your first credit card or your hundredth, you’ll want to do considerable research before selecting the credit card that best suits your lifestyle. Following are overviews of the basic credit card types: STANDARD CREDIT CARDS Standard credit cards are the most commonly available credit cards and only require that consumers meet minimum credit card criteria to enroll. There are two types of standard credit cards for smart consumers: balance transfer cards and low interest cards. Balance Transfer Credit … Continue reading

What Is a Credit Score?

Your credit score is more than just a meaningless number; it is the key to your financial future. Your credit score can mean the difference between denial and approval for a credit card, home, or auto loan, and it can even affect your interest rates if approved. FICO scores range from 300 to 850, but what goes into determining your credit score, and what can you do to change it? Where does a credit score come from? The number is generated with a mathematical algorithm using key information found in your credit report. The number … Continue reading

Study Shows Credit Card Companies not as Forgivable

When things go wrong, Americans are reasonably willing to forgive almost anyone: supermarkets, the postal service, auto dealers and, despite the “Great Recession,” even investment firms. Interestingly enough, Americans are very slow to forgive credit card companies, if they are even granted “forgiveness” at all. A recently released survey states that credit card issuers rank in last place when it comes to earning customers’ forgiveness for making mistakes. The survey, compiled by the Temkin Forgiveness Ratings, gauges which companies are earning customer loyalty and respect and which aren’t. The survey includes 206 companies from 18 … Continue reading

Convenience Store Owners Lobby for a Cap on Credit Card Swipe Fees

Since retailers managed to successfully lobby the government for a cap on debit card swipe fees in 2010, trade groups are now pushing for caps on credit card fees. Credit card swipe fees are determined by financial institutions, which are charging retailers exorbitant fees that force them to raise the price of their goods. The effect of the fees is reflected most obviously in the price of gas. Rising gas prices are a huge source of concern for many Americans who can’t support their household without transportation. A trade group representing convenience stores is now … Continue reading

Mint and Liquid: A Review of Two Mobile Financial Management Systems

As you all know well, mobile technology offers solutions for all of our day-to-day needs. A recent trend in mobile technology is on-the-go budgeting applications, including the popular Mint and (the current underdog) Liquid apps. If you’re looking for the most mobile way to track your spending but don’t know where to begin, below are reviews of these two mobile financial management systems. Liquid Liquid is a similar financial management app that is equally useful for monthly monitoring. Unlike your bank account, Liquid can track what money you’ll be making and what money you’ll be … Continue reading