Credit Card Hack Affects Over a Million

Credit cards are great. They are simple and easy to use, handier than carrying money around, and make online shopping a total breeze. But the one thing that keeps most credit card users on their toes is identity theft. If your card or banking information gets swiped, somebody can do a whole lot of damage before the card gets shut off. Though it is a fairly common occurrence, the scale of the thefts tends to be pretty small.

This past week, however, a major credit card hack gathered account numbers of 1.5 million customers of an Atlanta-based company known as Global Payments. Luckily, the most private information, like social security numbers, names, and addresses, were not compromised. Nonetheless, with the banking information that the hackers did steal, they will likely have the capabilities to create false credit cards. The crime is of such magnitude that even the Secret Service is actively pursuing its case.

Although a breach of security of that scale is obviously a momentous and rare occurrence, it is worth bearing in mind that credit card theft and fraud are tangible issues that can affect almost anyone. Thus, when choosing a credit card, it definitely behooves you to do a little bit of research to find out exactly what your card issuers policy is on fraud and theft. If you do not feel that your issuer will fully protect you in the event of criminal activity, it might be worth it to change companies.

In general, the credit card landscape can be difficult to navigate. It seems like every other commercial on television promises a card with the “lowest interest rate” or the “greatest rewards program.” There is so much out there! How does one even begin to sift through all the bogus offers? That’s where we can help. eCreditcards is the best tool for online credit card comparison, as we do all the difficult leg work of finding the best deals for you. The service exists to make the consumer’s life easier by sifting through all of the offers. eCreditcards then sorts key factors, like interest rates and rewards programs, so you can choose the card that works best for you.

Whether it is a card that gives you free air miles or savings at Home Depot, eCreditcards is the best place for online credit card comparisons. Of course, once you get your card, make sure you take good care to protect your information so that you don’t end up with someone else buying a trip to Cabo on your dime.

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